5 Antidotes – Re-start Your Buddhist Meditation Today

5_Antidotes - Re-start Your Buddhist Meditation TodayIn my previous article, “Top 5 Reasons Why People Quit Buddhist Meditation”, we discussed Top 5 reasons why people quit Buddhist meditation. In this article I review 5 antidotes to reap benefits of Buddhist Meditation and to achieve equanimity, serenity and Buddhist enlightenment.

Reason 1: Unfulfilled Expectations

Antidote 1:

You are on a path of purifying and cultivating your mind to become awakened;
Set the expectations:

  • The Buddhist meditation is a tool to help you purify your mind. It might take some time to achieve calmness and equanimity during the meditation and afterwards.
  • No gurus, great Lamas, Monks, or Buddhist teachers can simply touch you and make you enlightened. Be wary of such teachers or gurus. Enlightenment cannot be given or taken, but merely discovered via a moment-to-moment awareness.
  • Relax and simply focus on ‘this moment’ and celebrate small steps towards enlightenment.

Reason 2: Pressure from Family Members or Religious Community Who Are Against Buddhist Meditation Retreats

Antidote 2:

Buddhist Meditation does not make you less Christian or Jewish or Muslim or Hindu.
Buddha said,

I only teach about suffering and how eliminate suffering.”

Follow the steps:

  • Realize that deep down in your heart this is an excuse to stop Buddhist meditation.
  • Send Loving-Kindness and Compassion to your family/friends or community members by doing Loving-Kindness Meditation (Metta).
  • Realize that compassion is not pity, but understanding the truth about the human condition and cause of suffering.

Reason 3: No significant changes happened during meditation
Antidote 3:

Realize that ‘wanting to achieve Enlightenment’  is a simply another ‘desire.’ Just because it is a noble goal, it is ‘still a desire,’ which is one of the causes of suffering. Every moment is a different experience.

You cannot step into the same river twice.” (Heraclitus – 544 B.C.E)

Follow the steps:

  • Focus on the meditation technique and ‘not’ on whether you are achieving a transformation.
  • Let go of the ‘ultimate’ experience and focus on ‘this moment.

Reason 4: Meditation experience is no longer the same as it was in the retreat or course and no longer ‘working’ properly

Antidote 4:

As you learned Buddhist meditation techniques – Vipassana or Anapana, you realize that everything changes (impermanence – anicca). This realization should allow you to view the each meditation session as a new one – ‘right now’.

Follow the steps:

  • Realize that everything changes. The only consistent thing is Buddhist meditation.
  • Note that no single experience is more important than any other. You are simply mindfully aware an experience in ‘this’ moment. Be equanimous!

Reason 5: I Don’t Have the Time to Meditate Regularly
Antidote 5:

All people, monks, nuns or laymen/laywomen have the same 24 hours per day. The difference is ‘making the time for Buddhist meditation.

Follow the steps:

I hope that 5 antidotes would allow you to re-start your Buddhist meditation practice today to achieve equanimity, serenity, happiness and Buddhist enlightenment.

I wish you the best on your path.

Please comment below and/or share these antidotes.

With loving-kindness,
Spencer, a.k.a. the Urban Monk

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  1. I am in Lahore ,Pakistan
    Accidentally I encountered your website and I congratulate you for doing a wonderful job for the entire world.I am a devout muslim and I find anapana meditation holds the keys and treasures for other regions as well.As you become more calm and more serene , you become a bettter human being for your society, your relegion, for you your friends. Please keep up your good work Anwaar Rasul Khan

  2. Shahul Mohammed says:

    Thanks for sharing. Please keep sharing more. What can inspire a person to keep practising?

  3. I have recently been suffering from bouts of prolonged anxiety leading sometimes to panic attacks. This is the first time I have ever felt this way, simply crippling in short making working increasingly harder and threatening my family’s security compounding the worry. I am hoping long term to learn much more and to simply find some peace. Your site has introduced me to some key thought processes and with a long way to go I hope to discover more here. Thanks

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